Student Teachers

Move to Learn and University of Mississippi School of Education

We are so excited to announce a new program at the University of Mississippi’s School of Education that focuses on incorporating physical fitness in the classroom! The program, which could start as early as fall 2015, focuses specifically on training educators to use physical activity in their classrooms as a way to improve academic performance and as a tool for classroom management.

In October 2013, The Bower Foundation and the Office of Healthy Schools, MS Department of Education, presented the Move to Learn Initiative at the ‘Focus Friday’ series for the senior teacher education students at the University of Mississippi. The students were from the Oxford campus, as well as the regional campuses at DeSoto, Tupelo, Booneville and Grenada. Over 200 students attended the session, along with Dan Jones, Chancellor; David Rock, Dean of Education; and administrators and faculty of the School of Education at Ole Miss. Check out the video below from the event! Also, see David Rock’s testimonial about Move to Learn.

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